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Pink Palace

Memphis, Tennessee

What is Pink and was originally designed to be the home of Clarence Saunders?  Not sure?  Well, we are heading to Memphis Tennessee where this PINK House is more than just Pink….


Located in Memphis Tennessee, The Pink Palace was designed to be the home of Clarence Saunders.  This wealthy entrepreneur was the founder of the supermarket chain, Piggly Wiggly which services communities in 16 states with more than 600 stores. 


Named for the Pink Facade


The Pink Palace derives its name from the mansion’s pink Georgian marble façade. 


Building began in the early 1920’s.  Due to a legal dispute, the home was unfinished for years until it was given to the city to use as a museum.


Now a Museum 


As a museum, there is also a planetarium which features light shows.  The planetarium is a large round room with a domed roof.  You can see beams of light project on the ceiling to represent stars and planets in the night sky.  As a visitor, you can sit in this special theater and watch the stars and planets move though the sky projected above.


You’ll also find an IMAX Theatre which uses a special two story high screen and surround sound technology to show virtualistic experiences for viewers. 


The Pink Palace Museum is one of the largest facilities of its kind in the Southeast.  You can experience the first self-service grocery store in the country by walking through a replica of the store.


You can trace how Memphis developed from the time of Spanish explorers through the Civil War.  Over 240,000 people visit the Pink Palace Museum each year.


The Pink Palace is the headquarters for the Memphis Museum system.
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