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The Brand

America's Treasures is a multi-media brand including a television show, magazine, website, videos, and merchandise.  America's Treasures discovers fascinating facts about America.  It's like uncovering golden nuggets of information.  You'll be amazed at the wealth of information located in the most unusual places.  There even may be treasures right under your nose.  The brand goes behind the trivia questions to reveal the inside stories.  Find out the "WHY" and the "HOW" which is the TWIST that makes America's Treasures unique.

America's Treasures includes all 50 state brands such as "Tennessee Treasures" and "Kentucky Treasures."  

How the Brand began

America's Treasures started in 1993 with the sharing of stories in a trivia format for entertainment.   America's Treasures was launched in Louisville with the board game, "Trivia Louisville."  The game was a precursor to the television show and proved that there was a strong interest in trivia and the stories connected to those fascinating questions.  

After the board game, the pilot show was shot and created in Tennessee.  Then, launched as a state show, America's Treasures aired  "Tennessee Treasures."  The show aired in 11 states and then expanded to a National audience within a few years.  The Tennessee Treasures magazine launched one year after the television show began airing and was distributed in Book stores and at all 13 Welcome Center locations in Tennessee.  America's Treasures, the national magazine, was launched at that time as well.

"It's important to continue sharing the stories of America, lest we forget."

– Vicki Lea

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